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Smart video systems

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Trablisa always places at your disposal the most sophisticated and precise “smart” video systems designed to respond to a need for analysis procedures based on automatic detection in real time in specific safety-critical situations, such as site intrusion, illegally parked vehicles, unattended luggage, the theft of objects and number-plate recognition, etc.

Smart solutions supplied by Trablisa allow you to transform a conventional security camera into a sophisticated automatic tracking system that keeps tabs on the intruder at all times. The great advantage of these solutions is that they eliminate the need to monitor massive amounts of daily video footage, allowing observers to concentrate on decision-making based on the relevance of incidents that the system has detected automatically, thereby minimising false alarms and proactively anticipating situations that may actually pose a threat:

Main functionalities
Smart movement detectors
Detection and classification of objects, with automatic identification of human silhouettes
Memorising of routine scenarios and events
Detection of unexpected events
Human behaviour and vehicle movement patterns
Pattern recognition
Applications of Trablisa smart video systems
Intrusion detection

Automatic analysis of video images identifies persons near restricted parameters or driving contrary to directional indications, automatically activating an alarm. These systems can be used in situations of fluctuating light and visibility.

Loiter detection

This application allows the detection of people displaying loitering behaviour in nearby areas or those that are protected or restricted. The system emits an alarm that allows the security guard to anticipate a possible incident and verify whether the person concerned has been lying in wait for a determined period.

Virtual wall

Used to prevent intrusions. It activates an alarm whenever a person or vehicle crosses a virtual security line. This application allows you to establish prohibitions for any crossing point. It guarantees maximum security for accesses to building perimeters, residential gardens, car parks and elsewhere.

Contraflow detection

This application activates an alarm whenever a person or vehicle moves in a prohibited direction, such as in restricted areas of airports, hospitals, shopping centres, residential properties, car parks and elsewhere.

Object tracking

This system uses the shape and moving speed of an object to trigger an alarm whenever it is behaving outside a set of previously established parameters.

Detection of unattended items

This type of detection activates an alarm whenever items are left unattended in public places.

Stationary vehicles

This system activates an alarm to indicate that a vehicle has stopped illegally or exceeded its allotted parking time.

Theft detection

This application is used in museums, art galleries and warehouses to detect that an item has moved or disappeared from its original location.

Congestion detection

This service triggers an alarm to indicate that congestion is about to arise in a previously defined area of interest.