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Trablisa Exprés

Trablisa Exprés is a leading provider of management, handling and distribution for internal mail and supplies for companies based on the Balearic Islands, with more than 30 years’ experience in the field. This business division of the Trablisa Group specialises in logistics and courier services. Its large professionally qualified staff operates an extensive network of routes throughout the three islands.

The benefits of Trablisa Exprés:

Guaranteed delivery with the commitment of a leading company in the sector

Extreme punctuality

Integrated and advanced logistics solutions

Highly competitive rates

The latest applied technology

Smooth customer communications

Large fleet of lightweight and adapted vehicles

Smooth processing of service orders

Constantly updated technical and human resources

The area of Trablisa Exprés currently includes the following services:
Transport of internal mail

Trablisa Exprés currently has the biggest market share in terms of intercompany internal mail on the Balearic Islands. A delivery operative visits each customer office at least once every 24 hours. Trust, reliability and the latest applied technology are the basic defining pillars of Trablisa Exprés.

Trablisa offers:

Fixed deliveries between two points, via a continuous round-trip circuit

Various daily or two-day schedules

Specifically agreed scheduling and services, depending on destination

Urgent courier service using bags or portfolios designed for enhanced security and the identification and control shipments

PO box service

Trablisa can also manage the exchange of documents contained in internal inter-customer mail. We operate an integral service based on daily movements by land and air for the transport of documentation from one central point to another. We can also distribute documentation classified by office in accordance with the customer’s needs. We assign an individual barcode to each internal mailbag or package. This allows our IT system to track each item.

We offer an integrated service based on the latest technological advances and expert logistics, providing all the guarantees required for you to confidently entrust your shipments to our care.

Courier and messaging services for business

Trablisa Exprés uses its extensive, advanced logistics infrastructure to complete deliveries and urgently despatch packages and documents for business users. The company offers a wide selection of services, ranging from local and inter-island deliveries to international shipments, and operates an established network of road, air and maritime routes. Trust, reliability and the latest applied technology are the basic defining pillars of Trablisa Exprés.

Industrial delivery service

Trablisa Exprés also operates an industrial delivery and installation service, mainly for companies in the furniture sector.

Regularity, punctuality, speed, and above all reliability and accuracy are the essential characteristics of our services. The constant modernisation of technical and human resources, diversification of supply, smooth communication with the customer and increasingly competitive rates are our key objectives. But our main aim is to cover our customers’ needs to their total satisfaction.

Parapharmacy products

Trablisa Exprés also uses its extensive infrastructure and logistics expertise to distribute parapharmacy products, working with pharmacies and herbalists on the Balearic Islands. The company operates in compliance with the controlled-temperature certification requirements of “Best practice in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products, 5 November 2013”. We guarantee shipment with comprehensive monitoring and control of temperature, and we carry out individualised follow-up to confirm delivery.  Trablisa is registered with the health and sanitation department of the Balearic Islands (reg. No. 40.064286/IB).

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