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Cash Management

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TRABLISA is Spain’s most experienced supplier of officially authorised transport services for cash and valuables. The company has been registered with and accredited by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior since 1975.

The company has kept moving in pace with new technologies, offering its customers all the latest advances in transport vehicles, communication systems and corresponding IT support. But our basic objective remains unchanged: to transport cash and valuables under secure conditions designed to ensure trust and peace of mind on the part of the customer.

Transport of cash and valuables

This is no longer a service almost exclusive to banks and financial entities, as it now likewise extends to large, medium and small businesses.

Trablisa operates in accordance with the Ley de Seguridad Privada, the Spanish legislation governing private security companies. As an authorised security company, we assume responsibility for the safe, protected transport of cash, jewellery, works of art and valuables in general, with absolute security guaranteed. Trablisa operates a fleet of armoured vehicles of the latest generation, crewed by fully trained and highly qualified security guards equipped with the latest communications and logistics technology. 

Trablisa always adapts to the needs and requirements of all its customers with a personalised, comprehensive and flexible approach, in order to provide the added value that has bought it corresponding public and private recognition.

Cash handling

We have modern facilities at our disposal, equipped with the latest technological advances in terms of physical and electronic security, along with the corresponding high-precision devices. We select, count, classify, wrap and pack banknotes and loose coins, while employing systems designed to detect anomalies like counterfeit notes or coins, or money that is no longer legal tender.

We prepare outgoing cash shipments in accordance with their destination, be it offices, individual customers, banks, ATMs or elsewhere, and can also divide consignments in accordance with each customer’s requirements, with full real-time updates regarding amounts, deliveries and any other information that might be required.

Each customer is unique, with their own specific needs. It is for this reason that Trablisa designs specific working procedures covering particular measures for each client. Our services are customised.


Trablisa guarantees an exclusive service and maximum commitment to banks and other entities that operate cash dispensers, with a maintenance service designed to keep the ATMs concerned in proper working order 24/7, all year round. We aim to minimise their downtime, whether it be due to lack of cash or receipt rolls, or for other reasons like internal jams or vandalism.

We have all the means and cutting-edge technology required to carry out this task with maximum efficiency. Trablisa employs technical experts specialised in the repair of faults and malfunctions at a primary level, replacement of consumables and cleaning, etc., along with advanced logistics designed to coordinate with our own suppliers’ technical services when dealing with level-two malfunctions.

We also have vehicles equipped with advanced technology and authorisation for the loading of ATMs and the collection of retained debit and credit cards. Trablisa’s team likewise includes professional, highly trained security guards and qualified technicians specialised in the installation and maintenance of the latest generation of integrated alarm systems.

Cash collection systems

We offer the best technological solutions for the management of cash both on and off our customers’ premises. We place your incoming deposits in an armoured safe designed to guarantee maximum security. Our customers can furthermore enjoy all the benefits of secure transport and handling of cash. This offers effective management of deposits and provides a high level of protection designed to deliver greater confidence and peace of mind.

The main advantages are:

Automatic verification of banknotes designed to ensure that they are counted correctly on the customer’s premises before being handed over to Trablisa

Immediate automatic balancing of deposits

Automated sealing of cash deposited in the safe, inside a security bag and as soon as the hatch is opened, to prevent any tampering on the part of the cash transport company

Identification by individual user

Printing of the corresponding ticket

Sending of device information to a server to allow movement tracking (of cash deposited, branch total, user, date, etc.) via a secure website, including current status of the depositing device

Savings with respect to cash-handling labour costs

Possibility of the cash deposited being immediately available on account, subject to agreement with the financial entity concerned

Our service includes:

Connection to the Alarm Reception Centre, with maintenance of alarm systems

Maintenance of the cash-depositing device

The contents of the safe installed in the device are insured up to a deposit value of €50,000.00

Collection, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3 pm, of cash stored in the device

Transport to the Cash Centre by armoured vehicle

Connection to an IT platform that allows both the customer and Trablisa to track the status of collection devices

Verification of the cash in collecting devices and counting machines, plus deposit of proceeds in the bank account of the customer’s choice

Cash provision in accordance with the customer’s needs

Safe deposit boxes

This service, as well as offering all the advantages of secure cash transport and handling, provides a physical solution designed to enhance security within our customers’ premises.

Our service includes::

Installation on the customer’s premises of a safe deposit box with slot, equipped with two keys (one kept by the customer and the other by Trablisa). It can only be opened in the presence of the customer and the security firm

Installation on the customer’s premises of a safe deposit box for cash, equipped with a key kept by the customer

Provision of self-sealing envelopes for the daily collection of cash

Pick-up services in accordance with the established schedule

Counting service for each envelope, including deposit in the account indicated by the customer

Information on counted totals

Provision of cash floats

Automated tills

As an additional solution designed to increase the efficiency of cash and payments management in commercial establishments, Trablisa can supply automated tills – an innovative way of dealing with all cash management procedures.

Main features:

The system verifies banknotes and coins in order to avoid fraud

Banknotes are collected in a sealed module, so no one sees or touches the money

The system accepts, validates and recycles payments in coins

Accounts are balanced quickly and reliably

Your service is improved by avoiding contact with money

The cost is charged and change is given automatically, thereby preventing errors

Integration into an existing management system

Fácil mantenimiento por parte del usuario

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