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Ancillary Services

Trablisa Ancillary Services offers a wide range of functions outside the scope of security as part of the Group’s overall approach to focused customer care. We cooperate with customers in the design of organisational procedures, with a view to helping companies focus efforts on their own professional activity, while placing their trust in us. Our firm commitment to achieving a high level of service quality and the flexibility needed to adjust to customer requirements are the result of careful selection of our professionals, as confirmed by the trust of our customers.

Protocol and communication services

User/customer services supplied for events, conventions, trade fairs, museum shows, exhibitions and other public arenas, including the management of airport VIP lounges and similar facilities.

Call centre services

Specialist handling of telephone calls involving switchboards, complaints management, quality control, phone interviews and call-reception statistics, etc.

Concierge and front-of-house services

Reception, control and guidance of visitors, access control, checking of documents, information tasks, crowd control, technical inspection of establishments; joint drafting of emergency plans, both for public buildings and facilities (museums, car parks, etc.) and private spaces (residential communities, factory facilities, etc.).

Control centre operation services

Verification of the functioning status of facilities in general, control of the goods and products handled in an establishment, monitoring of maintenance systems other than those strictly pertaining to security (heating boilers, electrical systems, etc.) using the corresponding technical resources.

Transit control services

Transit control in restricted-traffic areas inside factories, industrial facilities, production plants large data-processing centres and similar premises. This definition extends to areas where there is a need to regulate the traffic of persons and vehicles in different settings.

 We pay particular attention in all these areas to the maintenance of corporate image and personal conduct of our staff, as they represent our client's image with respect to its own customers and service users. Our professional staff are neat in appearance, properly dressed for the service being provided and the place concerned, and highly trained in dealing with the public.