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Physical Security

Trablisa Physical Security offers protection and security services for property belonging to both public and private entities. We are the leading service provider of the Balearic Islands in this sector, and are now expanding into other regions of Spain.

Our policy of following up and monitoring the quality of our service, which our operational team supplies 24 hours a day and all year round, enhances our customers’ sense of full protection and well-being. We employ a team of highly qualified security guards, skilled and trained in the use of the latest technology for the purpose of managing, recording and reporting incidents to our control centres on a daily basis.

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Secure monitoring
We provide the following enhanced protection services:

General surveillance and security of facilities

Perimeter security

Monitoring for explosives

Scheduled inspection rounds

Security patrols

Control centre

Custody of keys

Custody of valuables

Personal protection (bodyguards)

Security and evacuation plans

X-ray equipment (detection scanners)

Our training centre supplies continuous refresher courses to our highly qualified team of professionals, all of whom possess specialist skills needed to operate in their corresponding areas of activity, with the ability to provide a quality service for each one of our customers.

We offer security and surveillance services in the following sectors:

Airport security

Port security

Financial institutions

Individual and large-scale retail premises

Hotel and catering establishments

Public buildings

Security for individual buildings and residential communities

Security at large public events

Construction site security

Security for jewellery stores

Security for boutiques

We also supply customers with a wide range of materials and equipment designed for each situation, along with facilities designed to ensure that services are supplied correctly.

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Protection of large structures

Trablisa designs and deploys customised plans and systems of security and surveillance designed to match the facilities of each of our customers. These are produced by our Advice, Projects and Consulting Service. 

This personalised approach takes the following into account:

Potential for the committing of offences in the area or establishment concerned

Risk assessment matched to the service being provided

Study of accident rates for the type of establishment or geographical area covered

Relevant legislation and regulations

We have developed, as a customer-oriented service provider, procedures designed to track and monitor the performance quality of our operational team, applied 24/7 and all year round. We always aim to exceed customer expectations.

The main functions of our operational team include:

Proposals for improving our surveillance services

Liaison between the customer and the company

Joint development of security procedures

Control and monitoring of our surveillance services

Personal protection

We supply a personal protection service, delivered by highly trained and qualified professionals with accreditation from Spain’s General Police Directorate authorising the provision of bodyguard services.

All our bodyguards have to pass a demanding recruitment process and undergo rigorous training based on the latest innovations in the sector. Our services take into account the human factor, while deploying the most advanced technology available.