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Access control systems

The Trablisa access control system offers the customer maximum protection within a specified perimeter. This advanced security service is a comprehensive response to the requirements of today’s commercial organisations regarding the supervision, management and monitoring of the movements of persons, vehicles and objects that have already been identified and authenticated when entering or leaving the premises.

This solution of the latest generation permits the efficient integration and interlinking, via suitable items of software and hardware, of devices such as alarms, security cameras, video surveillance systems, scanners, airport-type metal detectors and card scanners, etc. Trablisa’s aim in this respect is to adapt its services to the needs of each customer and offer a comprehensive system based on maximum efficiency.

The entire system is either self-managed by the customer or supervised and monitored by our highly qualified security guards trained in the skills required to operate technology of this type.

 We offer a wide range of scalable access control systems for industrial premises, factories, warehouses, banks, hotels, marinas, golf courses, museums and exhibitions, hospitals, car dealerships, shopping centres, private homes, public buildings and other places.

Security solutions / technical and human resources
Smartcards and biometric scanners

Systems of this type guarantee maximum control and security for the transit of persons. They allow you to protect and control the rights of access and presence of different types of users, such as employees, site visitors and suppliers, while enhancing security in the company’s sensitive and vulnerable areas by providing you with advanced technological innovations.

Our smartcard system, which can be based on magnetic strips, barcodes or embedded microchips, is deployed at the accesses to the premises. One of its most common uses is in the controlling of employees’ schedules (fixed, flexitime, part-time or uninterrupted-shift working), while allowing you to manage access by department or section. This tool lets you determine how many hours a person has worked, when he or she entered and left the premises and when pauses or breaks were taken, and lets you know at any moment where the person is on the site. This solution also supplies measurement variables (overtime and late arrival/absence, among others), along with statistics (collective behaviour, historical data, etc.).

Added security can be provided by biometric scanners, which allow you to identify persons on the basis of unique physical characteristics. The term covers such cutting-edge technology as fingerprint and iris scanners, voice-recognition systems and other devices. One feature that these systems share is their use to control rights of access and presence in areas of maximum security within company premises, such as departments dealing with cash, technology and biomedicine, along with other highly sensitive areas.

Scanners and airport-type metal detectors

If your facilities or premises require a high level of security, Trablisa can supply airport-type metal detectors as part of the essential equipment required to guarantee maximum security in the area concerned. Scanners and airport-type metal detectors block the access of individuals carrying concealed objects that suppose a high level of risk, such as firearms, bladed objects, explosives or illicit electronic devices.

These items of equipment, backed up by manual metal detectors, help security personnel to avoid dangerous situations which, given the nature of the facility being protected, should not occur. They are a vital tool for controlling access to restricted areas.

Vehicle accesses

Number-plate recognition and monitoring system for the verification of vehicles

These security systems automatically scan and authenticate the registration numbers of vehicles to give you real-time control over the entrances and exits of car parks and other part of your premises. Trablisa guarantees the rigorous control of access based on the security, efficiency and precision of this highly advanced technology.

Remote or in situ mechanical access-control systems (retractable bollards, turnstiles, automatic gates and vehicle barriers)

 These mechanical control systems enhance the security and monitoring of the accesses to your premises.

Retractable bollards, automatic gates and barriers can control, limit and prevent vehicle access in order to guarantee restricted-zone requirements.

These services can be managed from the place of installation or controlled remotely by our security personnel.

Trablisa offers a wide range of possibilities and integrated systems designed to provide the right service for each customer. We study, analyse, design and deploy the best individual solutions to ensure an optimum result.

Control centre

The control centres that we install on our customers’ premises are equipped with the most-advanced technology available on the market. We offer integrated security solutions designed to protect your premises 24/7, all year round. We can customise any type of installation with the tools required to establish suitable security protocols. We carry out permanent monitoring and surveillance of your company premises in a way that immediately lets us activate, in the event of an incident, a suitable response based on the corresponding technical and human resources.

Main functionalities
Intercom monitoring
Activation and disabling of lights; opening/closing of barriers, doors and gates
Management of remote health indicators
Remote concierge services
CCTV monitoring of car parks, buildings and company premises
Remote intervention via public address system
Application of industrial energy-saving measures