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Trablisa automatic payment machines

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As an additional solution to increase the efficiency and security when handling money in shops we have a wide variety of automatic payment machines. This is an innovative solution that makes the till being out of balance impossible, offering peace of mind to the employee, customer and business owner.

Trablisa - CashDro 5

Improve productivity and service with the return of notes in bundles.

Trablisa - CashDro 5
  • 7” touch screen to guide the user.
  • Front coin chute.
  • 3 mm sheet steel.
  • Note slot.
  • Returns notes in bundles.
  • Crowbar-proof system.
  • Anchoring system.
  • Immediate till closure without imbalances.
  • Smart management of levels of change.
  • Guarantees food hygiene.
  • Easy to integrate into counters.
  • Connection to POS terminals from any distance.
  • Work with one or several POS terminals, tablets or smartphones.
  • Link it easily with your sales point and any platform.
  • You can use it from an APP installed on the smartphone or Tablet of your customer.
  • Interior access to cash block (optional).
  • Electronic security closure with delayed opening (optional).

Accepts, validates and dispenses coins from 2 cents to €2
Accepts, validates and dispenses notes from 5 € to €500
Rejects false notes and coins

Escrow: Returns the same notes when cancelling

Loading and validation of notes
Validation speed 2 secs/note
Returns notes in bundles

Recycling capacity of 300 notes
(Offers 3 types of notes, which the client can choose)
Cassette capacity of 1000 notes

Recycling capacity of 1500 coins
Validation speed of 4 coins/sec
Dispensing speed of 12 coins/sec
Deposit capacity of 1500 coins

Weight 88 kg
Steel thickness 4 mm
Dimensions (width x height x depth)
42 x 80 x 49 cm

(Ask us for prices and financing)


  • CasDro 5 machine
  • Training
  • Internet connection (optional)
  • Connection to POS terminals
  • Cleaning card kit (we recommend cleaning every 15 days)


Trablisa - CashDro 5
Transport of Funds and Values
Sale Price: €7.297,54 + VAT
Installation Price: €350 + VAT
Optional: Annual Maintenance Price: €450 + VAT

*Prices VAT not included

As a complementary service to the automatic payment machines, we offer you our service of Transport of Funds and Values.

All cash deposited in the machine’s security box shall be collected by Trablisa according to the agreed frequency to take it to its premises. Once there, it shall be counted and deposited in the account of the company indicated by the customer. This way, the customer avoids all transport risks and does not waste time waiting for money to be deposited in its accounts. This same service can also provide change in notes and coins.

We have a float of armoured, latest generation vehicles, trained and highly qualified security staff and the most advanced communication and logistics control technologies.