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The increase in the occupation of houses increases the contracting for alarm systems.

June 21st of 2019 Alarme

A family goes away for the weekend and returns with their house occupied. Unfortunately, this is not a movie scene, nor a specific and isolated case.

The increase in the number of occupations in private houses, not only in properties held by banks and investment funds, brings with it a 20% increase of camera and alarm contracting during the last three years. Since the beginning of the crisis, fear and uncertainty has lead property owners in the Balearic Islands to hire security services for their homes.

Going on vacation off the island or to the summer house, has become a problem for many people. It is not just the fear of someone stealing, it is also the fear that when they leave, someone enters their house and appropriates it.

Installing an alarm system is very important not only to provide protection and security, but the fact of occupying a house that has an installed alarm system ceases to be an occupation to become an attempted robbery making occupation impossible.

A few years ago, security doors were a product almost exclusively for banks. However, today, due to the huge increase in the number of arrests of occupants in Mallorca (20 arrests more than in 2018), mainly private people demand for them.

Technology coupled with an advanced telecommunication system allow us to enjoy increasingly sophisticated and effective alarm systems that are worth their price in relaxation and traquility. Alarm systems for homes without electricity, anti-inhibition technology, video surveillance systems, immediate intervention services, etc.

At Trablisa we encourage you to consult all the doubts that may arise. Our most important goal is your security.