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Trablisa, 49 years’ experience for your security

The company

We are a fully Spanish-owned family company, founded, registered and authorised in 1975 by the Ministry of the Interior with reg. no. 72, and are inscribed in the special register of security companies maintained by the General Police Directorate.

After more than 49 years in the sector, we are among Spain’s top five security companies, and we continue to be leading suppliers of a wide range of security and protection equipment and services. We have a presence throughout the national territory, Mexico and Portugal.

What has been, and continues to be, Spain’s first company dedicated to the guarding and transport of valuables, is now focusing on innovation and research and development into new ways of supplying security, while always taking into account, and treating as a source of information and rationale, the needs of the customer.


Our mission

We offer our customers integrated security and protection solutions based on top-quality products and services, and encourage our staff to develop their professional skills, while providing our shareholders with growing and sustainable profitability and, of course, respecting the environment.

We cooperate with our customers in their organisational management, with a view to allowing companies to dedicate themselves fully to their own professional activity and not have to be concerned with those that they might consider to be secondary.


Our vision

We aim to be a sustainable business capable of setting national benchmarks in the protection of individuals, companies and other public and private organisations, while rigorously applying our values and work philosophy by providing our customers with fully integrated technological solutions of maximum quality.

Our values

We came into being more than 49 years ago and we continue to the sector with a wide range of solutions in the field of security.


We are committed to continuous improvement in our efforts to meet and surpass the security and protection requirements of our customers.

The top priorities at Trablisa include technological innovation, the talent of our professionals, logistical efficiency and the transparency of our management procedures.

We pursue excellence in everything we do. We are fully committed to supplying, maintaining and guaranteeing security for our customers.

Human resources

Trablisa-Servicios-de-Seguridad-Equipo-Humano.jpg Trablisa-Equipo-Humano-Cualificado.jpg Trablisa-Servicios-de-Seguridad-Proteccion.jpg

The company currently employs a team of more than 12.421 qualified professionals, each one with specific training in particular areas of activity.

Trablisa maintains strict recruitment and staff training policies. The company also enters into collaborative agreements designed to give it access to skilled, qualified members of staff who are able to adapt to the different needs of our customers.

Our distinguishing characteristics

The prestigious Trablisa brand is what marks us out and unites us.


Guaranteed efficiency, backed up by the latest technology and highly qualified professionals.


Customised integrated solutions, carefully designed and rigorously deployed to match the different characteristics of the sectors that we cover and the needs of all our customers.


A transparent, personalised approach, fully focused on the customer.